Троцюк Владимир Васильевич
Through the efforts of the people, information will be collected about the crimes and the persons who committed them against the Belarusian people, their rights and freedoms, against the Belarusian Constitution and Belarusian laws. The true bestial faces of these "servants of the people" and their crimes must be the subject of general observation and contempt on the part of the Belarusian people and all mankind.

Троцюк Владимир Васильевич

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Security and law enforcement
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Жодинского ГОВД
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Задержание мирных граждан

9-10 августа отдал приказ на задержание мирных граждан. Его подчиненные применяли зачастую физическую силу и спец. средства.